Advancing the KGTC Organization Through Board Development  Bonnie Houk

Advocating Without Alienating   Tracy Elford

Agriculture:  A Career Field Full of Opportunities for the Gifted  Darcie Gallagher

Anderson Handout #1  Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Anderson Handout #2   Early College Programs at Fort Hays State University

​Anderson Handout #3  Early College Programs at Fort Hays State 

The Art of the Cube:  Creating Mosaics  Leigh Johnson

Breaking Barriers for Your Students Through Blended Learning  Erica Hart

      EVERFI Quick Start Guide

Building a Compassionate Student:  Teaching Compassion, Empathy, and Self-Awareness

      Erica Hart

      EVERFI Quick Start Guide

Building on Resilience - Models and Frameworks of Black Male Success Across the P-20 Pipleline     Dr. Stella Smith

Chinese Cultural Beliefs and Behaviors  Nancy Hope

     Chinese Cultural Handout #1

      Chinese Cultural Handout #2

Creating Optimal Classroom Environments for the Gifted  Kim Bitner Drottz

Creating Positive Parent Teacher Partnerships  Kathleen Nilles

Developing a Comprehensive Needs Statement  Bonnie Houk

Empowering and Powering Down Perfectionism  Dr. Brandi Klepper

Executive Functioning  Dr. Brandi Klepper

Exploring Issues of Identifying Twice Exceptional Learners Through Case Studies  Ceclia Boswell

Gifted Plus:  LGBTQ+  Liz Hamor and Jim Persinger

How to Create A Parent Group That Will Thrive and Survive  Tracy Elford

Integrating Design Thinking Into Your Curriculum  Kimberle Curtis

Let's Go on a Wild Goose Chase:  Educational Scavenger Hunts  Paula Figgs

Let's Have a Star Party!  How to Upgrade Your Independent Studies with Astronomy

     Nolan Sump

Let's Talk about Maps  Rhonda Lefferd

Out of this World Problem Solving with "The Martian"  Garrett Ridder

Mindset, Motivation, and Grit:  What Does it Mean for My Gifted Child  Kathleen Nilles

Molding Motivation in Gifted Adolescents  Dr. Brandi Klepper

Parent Resource List from NAGC

PLAAFP Handout

Resilience in a Time of Change:  Adaptive Leadership for Exceptional Learners 

     Dr. Amy Leyerzapf

Should I Accelerate My Child?  100+ Families and Students Share Their Experiences 

      Heidi Mann and Tracy Elford

Teaching With A Twist:  Rubik's Cube in the Gifted Classroom  Leigh Johnson

Tools in the Toolkit:  Diversity Techniques for Diverse Students  Kate Moore

Unstandardizing Curriculum for Diverse Gifted Learners    Jessica LaFollette

What to Do When for College  (Live Binder link)  Leigh Johnston

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2018 KGTC Conference Presentations