Addressing Youth Suicide:  Support for Educators  Handout  Lisa Van Gemert

Advocating Without Alienating   Tracy Elford

Alternative Methods for Reading Response  Dr. Suzanne Porath

Alphabetic Codes Handout  Nolan Sump

Anxiety Handout  Dr. Joan Jacobs

​Boredom  Dr. Kristofor Wiley

Codice Obscura   Nolan Sump

College Prep from Two Perspectives  Angie Bayliff and Leigh Johnson

College Search Resource Handout  Leigh Johnson

Creating a Climate for Reading Handout  Dr. Joan Jacobs

Curriculum with a Kick  Dr. Kristofor Wiley

Does the Gifted IEP Make a Difference?  Dr. Jessica LaFollette

Evaluation and Eligibility Determination for Gifted Using Response to Intervention  Deborah McVey

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Gifted Kids: Who They Are, What They Need, and Why They Don't Have It  Dr. Richard Courtright 

Just the Facts:  Research-based  Findings about Gifted Education  Dr. Richard Courtright

Just the Right Word Handout  Dr. Joan Jacobs

Let Gifted Kids Be Themselves, Questions? Inquiries? Ask.  Dr. Brandi Klepper

Letters to the Young Gifted   Handout   Lisa Van Gemert

Perfectionism in the Gifted  Lisa Van Gemert

Perfectionism Podcasts  Lisa Van Gemert

Picture Books for Social Emotional Purposes Handout  Dr. Joan Jacobs

TLDR:  Too Long, Didn't Read.  Challenging Generation Z Learners  Mark Hess

Underachievement and the Gifted  Lisa Van Gemert

Understanding the Vast Potential of Gifted Nonverbal Ability in Generation Z  Mark Hess

Zoom Out to Zoom In:  Close Reading and Constructing Metaphors  Mark Hess

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2019 KGTC Conference Presentations and Handouts