About KGTC

September 9, 2018 KGTC Member Announcement

KGTC is proposing the following changes to the KGTC Constitution:

  1. Change​  Article VII Section 1 from "All meeting use Robert's Rules of Orders for Dummies Relaxed." to "All meetings use Robert's Rules of Order."
  2. Change Constitution Approved Date from "October 6, 2014" to "October 8, 2018"

Click HERE to see KGTC Constitution and proposed changes.

Proposed changes will be voted on at the Conference lunch held October 8, 2018.  For questions please contact KGTC's Governance Chair Leigh Johnson at leanjo66@gmail.com

  Membership in KGTC

KGTC Vision Statement
To promote, support and improve services for talented, intellectually and creative gifted youth in Kansas.

Kansas Definition of Gifted

"Gifted" as defined in K.A.R. 91-40-1(cc) means performing or demonstrating the potential for performing at significantly higher levels of accomplishment in one or more academic fields due to intellectual ability, when compared to others of similar age, experience and environment.

About KGTC

Kansas Association for Gifted, Talented and Creative is a not-for-profit advocacy group in the state of Kansas dedicated to promoting identified gifted and other high achieving students.  KGTC is officially affiliated with the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC).  KGTC has been designated as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service and is registered with the Kansas Secretary of State as a not-for-profit organization.

KGTC Regions

KGTC divides the state of Kansas into 6 regions.  Each region has its own director and assistant director.  Please refer to your region information page for contacts.