The University of Kansas CLEOS Project (Counseling for the Exploration of Optimal States) invites your creative students for a day of learning about the pathways to creative careers. This is the LAST semester of our research-through-service program where we provide career development while learning more about the needs of creative students.  Vocations in such fields as the fine and performing arts, invention, and creative entrepeneurship and service don't have clear career ladders - that's where we can help!

Your students will take state of the art personality and career assessments, meet with an individual counselor who will interpret their unique profile, and create a "Personal Map of the Future" to guide them along the pathway to their career. The CLEOS Project is funded by the Williamson Family Endowment, under the direction of Distinguished Professor Barbara Kerr, an international expert in the psychology of creativity.

This Spring is the last semester we are offering counseling services to all high schools in the state at our discounted rate, which only partially covers the cost of the materials. Since our endowment funding will end, we will unfortunately have to raise prices next school year 2015-16. Our last available dates at the discount rate go from late February to early May.

For more information or to visit CLEOS, please contact Alex Vuyk, our Coordinator, at  or the lab at . We look forward to serve your students!