• All children have the right to progress at an academically appropriate level of challenge.
  • Kansas is one of a few states that provides a mandate to identify and provide services to gifted children in Kindergarten through 12th grade under the umbrella of special education.
  • ​Without proper identification and appropriate services gifted children are at a great risk for failing to meet their potential.
  • Gifted education is not about status, it is about meeting student needs.
  • Advanced learners are found in all cultures, ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic groups.
  • Gifted learners also have learning and physical disabilities.  These "twice-exceptional" students often go undetected in regular classrooms, because their disability and gifts mask each other; making them appear "average."
  • Most gifted learners spend over 80% of their school day in the regular classroom, but 61% of their teachers have no training in gifted interventions and needs.

Robert Bovaird
The KGTC mentorship program has been a great opportunity for me to network with other Gifted and Talented teachers. Being new to this field, it's helped immensely with making sure I'm providing the best services possible for my students. The KGTC Conference offered outstanding resources and sessions that immediately impacted my classes. They say if you can take one thing away from a conference and use it, it's a success. I was able to take away much more!

 Robert Bovaird

Looking for a summer job?
Duke TIP is currently hiring educators and other individuals to work as instructors, administrators, and residential counselors at TIP’s educational programs for gifted students in grades 4–11. Positions are available online as well as at TIP’s face-to-face summer programs held on 24 different college campuses across the south, including in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia (three sites), Texas, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Highly competitive compensation plus room and board are provided and you can commit for as little as two weeks or for as long as ten weeks. Learn more, including dates, salaries, and other details, at https://tip.duke.edu/employment. You can also download TIP’s employment flyer for more information.

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 Connor Bechard 

Piper School District #203

​Part-Time Gifted Teacher for 2019-2020 school year

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Beloit School District #273 

see the Special Education Teacher listing

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Emporia Public School #253 and Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative

1 - 2 Special Education/Gifted positions

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Topeka School District #501

Gifted Education Teacher

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Blue Valley School District #229

5 job postings for Gifted Educators

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About Gifted.....

Connor Bechard
The KGTC Conference and mentorship program was extremely beneficial for me as a new member of the gifted teaching community. I believe it is important in our profession to surround yourself with people who have experience in similar situations, and this gave me an opportunity to meet some incredible gifted facilitators who were open to sharing ideas, and who truly want me to succeed as a gifted teacher. I HIGHLY recommend the mentorship program for any teachers who may be new to gifted, as it will open your eyes to a world of ideas and practices that will make you a much better teacher!


Congratulations to the KGTC Mentorship Program Winners
KGTC selected two gifted educators in their first year of teaching gifted education to be the recipients of the first annual KGTC Mentorship Program.  Robert Bovaird and Connor Bechard received free tuition to KGTC's 2018 Annual Conference and will be mentored for a year by an experienced gifted educator. 


Open Gifted/Enrichment Positions in Kansas

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Kansas State Department of Education Gifted Education Services 

KSDE is a websource that contains many useful links for gifted educators including the Effective Practices Instructional Kit, Data Sources and Gifted Education Documents.  

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