NEW!  35 6th Grade Science Projects that will Wow Your Students

Techniques for Differentiation in Remote Learning    Webinar by Dr. Jessica LaFollette/University of Missouri at Kansas City Missouri

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Forming Flexible Learning Groups

Challenge Your Top Students:  10 Ways to Meet the Needs of Your Advanced Learners -- and Help the Rest of Your Class, Too!


Challenges and Possibilities for Serving Gifted Learners in the Regular Classroom  Taylor & Francis Online

Differentiating Curriculum for Gifted Students   Davidson Institute

Differentiation Strategies for Gifted and Talented Learners

Managing Students Who Finish Early

Meeting the Needs of Gifted Students:  Differentiating Mathematics and Science Instruction  The Includisve Classroom

The Puzzle of Differentiating Learning for Gifted Students  NSGT

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Simple, Meaningful Activities for Kids Who Finish Work Early

Six Strategies for Challenging Gifted Learners  ASCD

20 "Finish the Picture" Prompts Plus 33 MORE Early Finisher Activities You Can Feel Good About

The Use of Independent Study as a Viable Differentiation Technique for Gifted Learners in the Regular Classroom                Sage Journals

Using Differentiated Instruction for Gifted Learners

Kansas State Department of Education 

KSDE is a websource that contains many useful links for gifted educators including the Effective Practices Instructional Kit, Data Sources and Gifted Education Documents.