Live Binder offers a compilation of the best blogs concerning gifted education to use for enriching student learning.

Kansas State Department of Education 

KSDE is a websource that contains many useful links for gifted educators including the Effective Practices Instructional Kit, Data Sources and Gifted Education Documents.

​​NEW!  TeacherMade - Quickly Create & Share a Variety of Online Activities

A free tech service designed by former teacher with many capabilities:  create online worksheets, score automatically, turn  pdf.s, word docs, google docs, and pictures into activities, multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, checkboxes, true/false, open answer, fractions and mixed numbers, algebraic expressions, etc.

 National Research Study on Improving Acceleration Practices

This is a great opportunity for teachers and administrators in grades 2-5 to learn more about acceleration practices, universal screening, and resources to implement acceleration decisions. Participation may include some funding. Click the link to apply & watch an information video:

Adopt-A-Physicist Program 2020

Connect high school students with realy physics graduates!  Have dialogues and online discussions about real experiences with physicists in their chosen fields in real situations in today's world.  Select topics of intestes to your class(es) and adopt up to 5 physic graduates in different fields or different jobs.  The most common student reactions to participating is, "I never realized that physicists were real people, like us!"  Sign up period for teachers is August 4, 2020 - September 7, 2020  OR until all available physicists 'adopted.'  A truly unique experience for your high school students!

Topeka Historical Tours Resources

A resource sheet of historical places and website info for those coming to Topeka.

Society of Physics Students Demonstrations

Looking for a new demonstration for an outreach event? Or want to jump start your chapter on outreach? These demonstrations have been developed by SPS to help you make a difference in your local communities. Each demonstration includes parts lists, instructions, key physical concepts to explain, and demonstration videos, where appropriate. Interested in contributing to this list?

How to Get Gifted Kids to Work in Groups

Other Educator Information

This comprehensive website consists of over 1000 pages of information on gifted children and adults.

Offered by NAGC, these live webinars are for educators and parents to better understand and serve the gifted learner.

Our goal is to help you be more effective and informed in your support of gifted learners, whatever role you play. - See more at: