Gifted Education At Home Resources

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NEW!​   National Geographic Society

Includes Education section for Student Experiences, Classroom Resources, Professional Development, and a Blog

Kansas Based Summer Science Enrichment       Kansas Department of Education download .pdf

Scijinks - Weather information for kids including online games about the weather, information about weather satellites

Kansas Department of Wildllife Nature Notebooks - series of 2 page lessons on wildlife in Kansas, elementary level

2020 Mars Mission Perseverance Rover 

Junior Handyman’s Toolkit: Classroom Projects, Essentials and Checklists

 41 Engineering Descriptions and Links

Binairo Online Logic Puzzles

20 Amazing Virtual Field Trips to Take with Your Kids that Don't Require Leaving the House During Coronavirus Social Distancing

Simple STEM Activities to do At Home

Animals of the Everglades    article from

Sample Schedules for At Home Students from Khan Academy  kahnacademy
Grade level suggested schedules for setting routines for students learning from home

Kansas State Historical Society

300 Pages of Educational Activities! Select By Grade or Subject

Smithsonian Games and Livestream  Smithsonian

Learning Across Kansas   Kansas Department of Education

Paper Crafting ideas and templates   Creative Park

Listen and Learn: The 40 Best Podcasts in 2020  Thomas Frank/

26 Best Podcasts for Students in Elementary, Middle, and High School


Cultivating our Bilingual Brains: Let's Explore Free Resources  (facebook video)

Prufrock Press:  At Home Activities

Prufrock Press:  Free Webinars and Webinar Library

Great Books Foundation
For Parents & Educators
Free sample lesson plans (both fiction and nonfiction) for you to try while students are at home. Download and share with your students!

National Inventors Hall of Fame Blogs

Origami Projects

​Watch These Livestreamed Concerts During Your Social Distancing

Visit  the 10 Most Popular National Parks Without Leaving Home     Lydia Schrandt/

Livestream links and Games

8 Virtual Rollercoaster Rides

Pick a Thing To Do Jar   49 activities to print, cut into slips, and put in a jar. Have kids select slip and go!

25 Excercise Games and Indoor Activitivies to Get Kids Moving Anna Fader/

​62 Handpicked DIY Escape Room Puzzle Ideas That Spark Joy & Mystery

7 Sun-Science Experiments to Make Your Day   Amber Guetebier/RedTricycle

National Oceanic and Atmosphereic Administration - National Weather Service

Museum of Modern Art Teacher Resources + More  

MoMA Is Now Offering Art Classes for Free  article describing classes/

A Joke A Day   Either read on website or sign up for email/

The Learning Network  The New York

English Language Smart Words  (Middle school+)

OK GO Sandbox   Uses music video to inspire STEAM design challenges (middle school +)/

National Geographic for Kids

Seussville Activities

National Constitution Center

Storyline Online   Actors Reading Books to Kids (PreSchool or Elementary)/

Highlghts Magazine for Kids

NASA's Universe of Learning

US Census Bureau Games

Flinn Science At-Home Lab Series

Dorling-Kindersley Stay at Home Hub  (Kids and Adult activities) Digital Citizenship

Zooinverse People-powered Research   Help with community projects from transcribing hand written correspondence to watching trail videos and identifying animals

Audio Books downloads  (2 free YA downloads a month)

Supporting Your Gifted Child During COVID-19  National Association for Gifted, Talented, and Creative

2020-03-18 12 Art Lessons on Youtube Your Kiddos Will Love

Animal Live Cams from around the World

Institute for Arts Integration and 

SET Game with Daily Puzzles

Audio, Podcasts, Video   Learn Out Loud

​San Diego Zoo Online Academy and Case Studies    (recommended for ages 13+)

DIY  Library of Hands On Projects​    

​Engineer for Free  (explore things engineers need to know  middle school +)                                              

Kansas Historical Society   LOTS of resources and materials  

Schoolhouse Rock Series                                                            

Smithsonian Magazine

2020-03-12 Stuck at Home?  These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch  Andrea Romano/Travel+Leisure

Disney +  Activities, Resources, Educator Guides, and more!

Carmen Sandiego and More!

Economics Educational Links  Economics and Personal Finance Resources for K-12/

Follett  Current Free Access to ebooks

Math MadnessFree spring team event

Desmos Math Lessons

Khan Academy

​Ian Byrdseed TV   and  Story Starters, Games, Math, wide variety, 

​The Fair Opportunity Project Guide Download    A guide to college application process

How to Apply for College and Pay for It  Harvard Library

Symphony Museums Gallery Access List   Tracy Elford​

JUST IN TIME: 20 Terrific FREE Content Resources  Brian Housand/

Great YouTube channels for middle schoolers and high schoolers for learning from home during COVID-19 school closures

Free Through August 15  Renzuli Learning Systems

​#Operation Storytime:  Your Favorite Authors Host Story time Online!

Lake Zurich  @Home Resources for Parents Choice  Lake Zurich School district

Scholastic Learn at Home:  Day-by-day Project to Keep Kids Reading, Thinking, and Growing

2020-03-13 Free Online Learning at Home   Jodi Southard/

Lists of Sites for Families to Use While School is Closed      The Parent's Guide to Google Classrooms

2020-03-13  Learning At Home Resources:  Ideas for Teachers and Parents   Lisa Van Gemert/

Great Schools:  Coronavirus School Closure Resources

2020-03-19 Online Resources & Ideas for Families Unexpectedly Homeschooling

Facebook Page for Scientific Sonya

Sporcle:  MultiCategory Quizzes and Challenges

Cosmosphere Spring Break Apollo 13 Resources