Following (links) are the governing documents by which KGTC operates. As in all organizations, the KGTC Constitution prevails over all policies and requires a vote of the membership to make changes. Therefore, changes to the document will be made only at the annual conference.  The KGTC Policies are a set of “rules” which govern the actions of all Board Members as well as any constituency volunteering to work with the Board in any capacity. 

These rules are the specific guidelines to be followed on a day-to-day basis but can be modified at the pleasure of the Board of Directors by a majority vote.  Depending on the nature of the motion to modify these policies, the changes could be permanent or just a one-time change.  The budget serves as the financial guidelines for the organization with a majority vote required to approve expenditures that exceed budgeted amounts in any category.  For instance, budget amounts for convention and associated expenses are based on last year’s expenditures, but different hotels charge for different things in different ways.  Also, convention speaker’s charges will fluctuate, depending on the selected speakers.  Budget adjustments may be needed in each of those areas, depending on the specifics for the current year’s convention.  Any modifications which exceed the budgeted amount must be approved by a majority of the Board. 


The purpose of these pages is to fully inform members of what is going on in their organization.  Some of the work of the Board must remain confidential.  This particular work may include issues like “personnel” which must remain confidential or matters still in progress and have not been voted on by the Board.  These decisions will be made public once a decision has been reached by the Board.  These procedures are instituted in an effort to remain as “transparent” as possible to our members.  Below, you will find the most current issues of all governing documents, as approved by the Board of Directors.