About Gifted Education

  • All children have the right to progress at an academically appropriate level of challenge.

  • Kansas is one of a few states that provides a mandate to identify and provide services to gifted children in Kindergarten through 12th grade under the umbrella of special education.

  • ​Without proper identification and appropriate services gifted children are at a great risk for failing to meet their potential.

  • Gifted education is not about status, it is about meeting student needs.

  • Advanced learners are found in all cultures, ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic groups.

  • Gifted learners also have learning and physical disabilities.  These "twice-exceptional" students often go undetected in regular classrooms, because their disability and gifts mask each other; making them appear "average."

  • Most gifted learners spend over 80% of their school day in the regular classroom, but 61% of their teachers have  no training in gifted interventions and needs.

Benefits of Membership... 


  • Membership is made up of Gifted Facilitators, general educators,  district and building administrators, other special educators, parents, and students from across the state
  • Updates concerning legislation that would impact gifted students, as well as what you can do to help
  • ​Latest news on state and district events
  • ​​Networking with gifted teachers, students, and parents in your area
  • ​Access to Members Only events and first access to registrations

  • KGTC the only statewide advocacy organization dedicated to the needs of identified gifted children other talented, creative and high ability learners in Kansas

  • KGTC is an affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and other charter members of the Kansas Learning First Alliance (KFLA)

  • KGTC holds an annual convention and provides opportunities for gifted stakeholders

  • KGTC maintains a website and Facebook for communicating with members and stakeholders (links are below)

  • KGTC has close ties with the regent universities that train specialists in gifted education

  • KGTC informs policy makers on the needs of gifted learners and advocates for improvements that affect high ability learners

  • KGTC works closely with Kansas State Department of Education and their consultant for gifted curriculum

  • KGTC welcomes all parents, educators, community, and business people as members​

Interesting Facts... 

Starting July 3, 2021 membership registration is suspended as we build our new membership package for 2022.  We are so excited to bring you membership benefits including 1 - 4 months of free membership, discounts to 2 annual conventions, free virtual sessions through 2022, and so much more!  Please check back after August 1 to join KGTC.

Benefits of KGTC Membership