Update on Legislative Issues Addressed at

KGTC Convention 2015

  • Dear KGTC Parents and Colleagues:

During the President’s KGTC membership update, I spoke about possible future legislation, concerning gifted education.  To clarify, at this time KGTC has no clear information about pending legislation regarding gifted education.

During the next legislative session, this is how we will chart our course for action:   

There is no eminent threat at this time:  During the legislative session, if we have more exact information, KGTC will craft a coordinated response to any and all legislation, if a specific gifted education bill requires our analysis.

KGTC Legislative Liaison:  In addition, we now have a dedicated legislative liaison and policy analyst in Rebecca Blocher who will be working closely with the KGTC Board during the 2016 legislative session.  Rebecca will be monitoring pending bills, writing background analyses as required, and supporting the best interests of KGTC in its advocacy role for the needs of our gifted and talented learners in Kansas.

Coordinated Messaging and Formatting:  It is important that KGTC have a coordinated message to all media requests. Rebecca, and I, and members of the KGTC Executive Board, will coordinate any legislative responses.  These could potentially include “model communication” responses and draft letters to Kansas legislators geared to the specifics of any bill that requires a KGTC comment and/or membership input from around the state. We are requesting that this approach become an important part of a member’s personal commitment by writing letters or emails, making phone calls, and responding to legislative action requests in a cohesive and structured manner at an appropriate time.

Rapid Response Throughout the State:  Because the legislature is representative government, we will be requesting a representative response from gifted education facilitators, coordinators, and parents from the around the entire state.  In addition, when the need is communicated, a rapid response will probably be required.   

In this manner, we can approach future legislation with the professionalism required of a group of dedicated educators and parents who hold Talented and Gifted Education at the core of their purposeful work and committed parenting.  


Sheri Stewart, Ed.D.
President, Kansas Association for Gifted, Talented and Creative

KGTC Legislative Update  10.09.15