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2020-01-03  14-Year Old Completes First Semester at Spelman College   Helena Oliviero/AtlantaJournal-Constitution

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2019-02-28  Gifted Boy Tells Educators to Rethink Teaching Practices   Faisal Masudi/Gulf News Education 

2019-1-15 I'm Only 9, And I'm Already in College. Here's What LIfe Is Like For Me. Kairan Quzai/Huffington  

2018-09-09  Testing:  Why Should I Care?  Leigh Johnson Maize High School

2018 Senior Students & Parents: Tips and Words of Wisdom  Leigh Johnson Maize High School

2018-07 Where Can I Find a Friend?  How Asynchronous Development Affects Relationships

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Myths About Gifted Students

20 "Finish the Picture" Prompts Plus 33 MORE Early Finisher Activities You Can Feel Good About

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