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This site offers  ideas and links for more activities offered in the State of Kansas for the gifted student.  If you are aware of other activities that might be added to this resource, please contact KGTC by using the contact page.

KGTC 2020 Summer Explorations Scholarship Winners

John Castagnola (Derby) - Attending Wichita State Universtiy Lego Robotics Engineering Camp

Elyce Pfiefer (Maize High School) - Attending Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Camp

Congratulations to our 2021 Summer Exploration Scholarship Winners


                      Elizabeth Hohman                                    Hattie Young 

              Aubrey Bend Middle School             Overland Trail Middle School

Thank you to all our applicants.

  • All children have the right to progress at an academically appropriate level of challenge.
  • Kansas is one of a few states that provides a mandate to identify and provide services to gifted children in Kindergarten through 12th grade under the umbrella of special education.
  • ​Without proper identification and appropriate services gifted children are at a great risk for failing to meet their potential.
  • Gifted education is not about status, it is about meeting student needs.
  • Advanced learners are found in all cultures, ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic groups.
  • Gifted learners also have learning and physical disabilities.  These "twice-exceptional" students often go undetected in regular classrooms, because their disability and gifts mask each other; making them appear "average."
  • Most gifted learners spend over 80% of their school day in the regular classroom, but 61% of their teachers have no training in gifted interventions and needs.

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