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2019 - 2020 KGTC Mentor Program for Gifted Educators

Mentor Program Purpose:  To increase KGTC support for teachers who are new to working with gifted students, to increase awareness of KGTC across the state, and to increase the number of gifted advocates in Kansas. 

  KGTC is opening applications for both mentors and new gifted educators (mentees).  The program assigns an experienced gifted educator with one who has 0 - 3 years experience with gifted students and who has not attended a KGTC Conference in the past.

Click HERE for more information and regulations

MENTEE APPLICATION  - OPENING SOON             Deadline is Friday September 6, 2019

Mentors are needed!  By filling out the application to be a Mentor, you will be in a contact for the new educator for guidance, best practices, practical advice, and to act as a sounding board.

MENTOR APPLICATION  - OPENING SOON             Deadline is Friday September 6, 2019


2019 KGTC Annual Conference

Dates:  October 13 & 14

Location:  Kansas State University 

Manhattan Kansas

Educator and Parent Registration is Now Open!

Click HERE for Information and Registration

Family Day Information and Student Storytelling Academy 

Information Now Available - Click title for more information


      Sunday Oct 13  Keynote Speaker            Monday Oct 14 Keynote Speaker

                       Lisa Van Gemert                                      Ginger Lewman

                          The Gifted Guru 

                    https://giftedguru.com                         https://gingerlewman.com

​         Keynote:  Letters to the Young Gifted          Keynote:  Creating Schools that

                                                                          Kindle the Inner Fires of Learning

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"A Middle School Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Children"

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KGTC 2018 Conference presentations are available under the Archive tab.

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