National Association for Gifted Children

Open Position in Topeka School District 501

Elementary Gifted Facilitator

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Contact Director of Special Education Jen Harrington

Gifted Coordinator Stacey Kramer



September 9, 2018 KGTC Member Announcement

KGTC is proposing the following changes to the KGTC Constitution:

  1. Change​  Article VII Section 1 from "All meetings use Robert's Rules of Orders for Dummies Relaxed." to "All meetings use Robert's Rules of Order."
  2. Change Constitution Approved Date from "October 6, 2014" to "October 8, 2018"

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Proposed changes will be voted on at the Conference lunch held October 8, 2018.  For questions please contact KGTC's Governance Chair Leigh Johnson at

Emporia State University Memorial Union (Second Floor)

Early Bird Registration Extended to 9/22!  See Early Bird link below.

What's New on the KGTC Website Today?

"Students Don't Want to be Bored; They Want to Learn" on the Gifted Education page.

Breakout sessions announced for the Oct 7 & Oct 8 Conference!!  

Students & Parents, Parent Day sessions designed especially for you - see below!


KGTC is looking for Region 1 & Region 5 director volunteers. See Region 5 pages for information.

Announcement of proposed KGTC Constitution changes to be voted on by members at October 8 Conference.  See below for more information.



Parents, Students, and Families

Join Us for Parent Day

Sunday October 7 at the KGTC Conference


​NEW Sessions Include

"Don't Ask Alexa, Siri, or Google...Ask ME!" A Gifted Student Q&A Panel

Motivation and Adolescents,

Building Resilience, Grit, and Strength,

What to Do When for College,

Curriculum for Diverse Gifted, 

 Integrating Design Thinking, 

Should I Accelerate My Child?

Let's Go on a Wild Goose Chase!!

​And so much more!!

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