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Field Trip Opportunity: STEM at iFLY  - What makes flight possible? State-of-the-art wind tunnel experience.

2020 Kansas Corn STEM Summer Scientist   FREE Lab Kit K-12 APRIL 8th DEADLINE:.  The Kansas Corn STEM program is offering the Summer Scientist: Does Corn Need Light? lab. This kit is available to Kansas educators and volunteers, who are leading summer education programs. The free supplies and resources are provided to help you teach your children about agriculture in a fun scientific way. CLICK HERE to learn more and receive your free kit request today!

Seed to STEM In Person Workshop
MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL APRIL 1st DEADLINE: Seed to STEM workshops will be offered in Salina and Topeka this summer. During the workshops teachers are introduced to the industry with labs focused on corn, biotechnology and ethanol.  The workshop includes a farm and field visit, an industry dinner and a field trip to an ethanol plant. The $500 worth of free lab resources are supplies that can be used for the labs that the teachers practiced during the workshop.  Teachers who complete the full two days will become eligible for additional supplies and continued support from Kansas Corn STEM. Graduate credit will also be available at a cost to the participant. This is a workshop you don‘t want to miss. 

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Diversity & Online Learning Professional Learning
Interested persons can attend an orientation meeting on Saturday, February 12th from 12:00 PM-12:30 PM for an overview of the lecture schedule and guided interventions with students. Participants gain expertise in planning diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging learning experiences for students using the Renzulli Learning System. The Spring Institute offers live sessions from February 21-March 2021; however, all recorded sessions are available on the Great Plains Center for Gifted Studies YouTube channel. ESU grants support the training, and graduate credit is available. For more information, contact Dr. Connie Phelps at cphelps@emporia.edu 

LaunchNext from the Cosmosphere

Virtual Content, Activities, and STEM Resources

Do you ever wish you had time to find new and engaging STEM activities and resources for your classroom? LaunchLearning™ helps you do that without requiring hours of your time to source materials - we have them for you! And, you even have an expert at your disposal to talk you through exactly what's available.

In a nutshell, LaunchLearning™ provides NGSS-aligned content; lesson plans; hands-on activities (you can even get a 3D printed Venturi tube...or we'll send you the plans to print your own!); live streaming with Cosmosphere space science educators so your class can interact and ask questions; access to subject matter experts and great stories of the history and future of space exploration 

Future City Competition
Future City starts with a question—how can we make the world a better place? To answer it, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future that showcase their solution to a citywide sustainability issue. Past topics include stormwater management, urban agriculture, public spaces, and green energy. 

Adopt-A-Physicist Program 2021
Adopt-a-Physicist connects high school students with physics graduates via online message boards. In this supervised forum students and physicists can talk freely about careers, school, work, and family balance.   The most common student reactions to participating is, "I never realized that physicists were real people, like us!"  Sign up period for teachers is through September 27, 2021  OR until all available physicists 'adopted.'  A truly unique experience for your high school students! 

TeacherMade - Quickly Create & Share a Variety of Online Activities  freetech4teachers.com
A free tech service designed by former teacher with many capabilities:  create online worksheets, score automatically, turn  pdf.s, word docs, google docs, and pictures into activities, multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, checkboxes, true/false, open answer, fractions and mixed numbers, algebraic expressions, etc.

National Research Study on Improving Acceleration Practices    https://ncrge.uconn.edu/acceleration/#
This is a great opportunity for teachers and administrators in grades 2-5 to learn more about acceleration practices, universal screening, and resources to implement acceleration decisions. Participation may include some funding. Click the link to apply & watch an information video: https://ncrge.uconn.edu/acceleration/#

Topeka Historical Tours Resources
A resource sheet of historical places and website info for those coming to Topeka.

Society of Physics Students Demonstrations
Looking for a new demonstration for an outreach event? Or want to jump start your chapter on outreach? These demonstrations have been developed by SPS to help you make a difference in your local communities. Each demonstration includes parts lists, instructions, key physical concepts to explain, and demonstration videos, where appropriate. Interested in contributing to this list?

How to Get Gifted Kids to Work in Groups  GiftedGuru.com