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Online learning for parents about gifted education (Responsive Learning)

NAGC Parent Resources  Parent resources from the National Association for Gifted Children 

BVPAGE  Blue Valley Parent Advocates for Gifted Education, parents of gifted in Blue Valley school district

Hoagies Gifted Education   Parent, educator, and student support with resources, articles, books, and much more

SENG  Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Parent Support Facebook Pages

KGTC Parent Support  Facebook group

BVPAGE  Facebook parent support group for Blue Valley school district parents of gifted

Gifted Musicians and Their Families  Facebook group for those with musically gifted children  

Olathe Quest Connections  Facebook parent support group for Olathe school district parents of gifted  

Parenting For High Potential  Blog, magazine, and Facebook page for parents and educators 

Parent Support Articles & Reports

Spring 2022 Daily Learning Planner
A fantastic resource to help parents guide their children to success.  Ideas and discussion points.

"30 Tips for Parents of Gifted Kids from Parents of Gifted Kids"
Maria Blackburn/Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth 

Parents Still Make a Difference Newsletters
Newsletter aimed at middle school parents containing articles about shifting responsibilities to your child, being a parent not a friend, recognizing bullying, making contributions to the world, and so much more.

2022-04 April Newsletter
2022-03 March Newsletter
2022-02 Feb Newsletter
2022-01 Jan Newsletter
2021-12 Dec Newsletter
2021-11 Nov Newsletter
2021-10 Oct Newsletter
2021-09 Sept Newsletter

Available until 11/30/21
Key Words and Code Phrases:  How to Talk So Teachers will Listen  Tracy Elford
Article in NAGC's Parenting for High 
Potential magazine/newsletter

2018-08 Your Child Has Been Identified as Gifted...Now What?  Blue Valley Parent Advocates for Gifted Education flier 

Advocating Without Alienating     Tracy Elford/BVPAGE

Advocating without Alienating:  The Discussion Continues    Tracy Elford/BVPAGE
Holiday Stress:  What Parents of Gifted Children Need to Know

The Joys and Challenges of Raising a Gifted Child  Davidson Institute
Managing Your Child's Intensity During the Holidays

Parenting Gifted Children Through the Holidays  Molly Isaacs-McLeod SENG

"For Gifted Kids, Better to Be Hands-On or -Off?"   Elissa Strauss, CNN

Other Parent

Renzulli Learning Systems

Free sessions from University of Connecticutt's Renzuli Center (2 educator and 2 parent): Constructive Collaboration with Your Child‘s Teacher,  Effective Gifted Program Design and Implementation Practices, Books and More for Promoting Literacy and Thinking in Kids,  Problem-Based Learning 101: Using Problems as Stories to Differentiate Curriculum

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Recordings are posted from the live sessions