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KGTC's Educator Support Series - Articles by David Wolff, ED.D.

July 2023: The Apprenticeship of Observation in Gifted Education
August 2023: Talent Scouts
October/November 2023: Higher Order Thinking 'On the Go'
January 2024: Intentional Planning to Differentiate
March 2024: Supporting New Colleagues in Gifted Education: Finding Your Starting Point


Why Is It Important for Teachers to Take Time to Relax Over School Breaks?

Frequently Asked Questions for Gifted, Kansas State Department of Education (August 2022)

7 Tips for New Year's Resolution Success
Success guidelines for students, parents, and educators
Lisa Van Gemert

"Rethinking What Gifted Education Means, and Whom It Should Serve"  Dand Goldstein/Ney York Times

Why Bother Understanding Giftedness - Won't They All Be Fine Because They Are So Smart?  Paula Prober

"The impact of COVID-19, school closure, and social isolation on gifted students' wellbeing and attitudes toward remote (online) learning"  ResearchGate September 2020

2019-03-04  5 Ways to Ignite Gifted Kids' Curiosity   Lyn Fairchild Hawks/
The Benefits of Being Gifted  Psychology Today

2020-03-13  Learning At Home Resources:  Ideas for Teachers and Parents   Lisa Van Gemert/

Bright & Early - A Story of Radical Acceleration (Podcast)

2020-03-01  National School Boards Action Center Releases Its First Educational Poll of Priorities for Public Schools

Gifted:  We Can All Do Something Right   Rene Islas/

2020-01-3 How Do You Teach Parents to Advocate for their Child?  Todd Stanley/

2019-11-06 Stop Scapegoating Gifted Students for Inequality   James R. Delisle/EducationWeek

2019-December  The Grit Alphabet   Thomas R. Hoerr/From "Fostering Grit: How Do I Prepare My Students for the Real World"

2019-07-05 What Exactly is an 'Underachiever,' and Why Are There So Many of Them in our Schools?  Valerie Strauss/TheWashingtonPost

2019-10-10  The Contradiction at the Heart of Public Education  Andy Smarick/

2019-03-06 Why Getting 100% on Everything is Setting Gifted Students Up to Fail  Jennifer Greene/ArtofProblemSolving

2019-09-03  Equity Does Not Mean Everyone Gets Nothing:  There's a Better Way to Address New York City's Gifted Gap  Colin Seale/the74

2019 June/July  The Curse of Genius  Maggie Ferguson/

101 Best Escape Room Puzzle Ideas    Fred Pedersen/

2017-08-11Kids' Brains Need More Downtime, Research Shows Faiza Elmasry/Science & Health

2018-06-27   Managing the Summer Enrichment Craze  Jill Anderson and Bari Walsh/Harvard Graduate School of Education

2019-03-20  Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities in Gifted Children  Carol Bainbridge/

School's Out for the Summer..or Is It?       Kathleen Niles/NAGC.ORG

Americans Agree:  Public Attitudes Toward Gifted Education   Elizabeth Jones & Shelagh Gallagher/Institute for Educational Advancement

CKCIE Guide to Gifted Services  Brochure from Central Kansas Cooperative in Education

2018-11-13 Rural Communities Test Ways to Hook Gifted Students   Sarah Sparks Education Week

2018-09-13 Students Don't Want to be Bored; They Want to Learn

2018-08-15 Poll Summary on Attitudes Toward Gifted Education  Institute for Educational Advancement

2018-05-01 Gifted Adults:  Embracing Complexity

2013-11-25 8 Things the World Must Understand About Gifted Children
Bright Child vs. Gifted Child  Janet Szabos