At Home Resources

Simple STEAM Activities to Do With Household Items
Science, Technology, Art, and Engineering activities to do with common holsehold items from 

STEAM Activites Reusing Plastic Bottles
Fun science projects, craft projects, and other science activities from

Seasonal Holiday Costume Printable Worksheets

Smithsonian Organization
Visit the Symphony, KC Zoo, Art Galleries, live camera feeds from around the world,  and more!  

Tracy's Resource List - a document of links and resources with everything from museum tours to virtual roller coaster rides! - Weather information for kids including online games about the weather

Virtual Museum Tours  from Travel and Leisure

Nature notebook from KDWPT - This is a series of 2 page lessons on wildlife in Kansas, probably elementary level mostly.  Good teacher resource for some independent activities or for parents to use at home

Junior Handyman’s Toolkit: Classroom Projects, Essentials and Checklists

Engineering Games and Projects 

35 6th Grade Science Projects for home or science fair

20 Amazing Virtual Field Trips to Take with your Kids that Don't Require Leaving the House  Online puzzle game

Simple STEM Activities to do At Home 

Schedule Templates for Home Learning
from Kahn Academy

Eductaional and Fun Activities for Kids

Best podcast for kids

The 40 Best Educational Podcasts

Supplemental Education Content via PBS for Kansas Students

Paper Projects from Canon

Podcasts, audio books and lessons

San Diego Zoo online academy (recommends 13+)

Do It Yourself 

Engineer4Free - Good quality video lessons to explore the things that Engineers need to know - middle and high school

Census website has activities for students of all ages?  Try both the activities and resources tabs: 

Hubblesite:  shows tonight's sky is just one of MANY great resources available through NASA

Flinn Scientific:  variety of live labs you can view for at home science - and they have recorded labs too if what is up today doesn't fit your curriculum

DK's stay at home hub has activities and packets for adults, too!  Don't forget to find some time to learn something new just for you! 

Common Sense Media offers a digital citizenship curriculum for different grade levels - and other resources around their website (including a newsletter offered in a different post)

Enchanted Learning - free and paid subscription site for printables for younger students to color, practice writing skills and various games in one place.  For very young gifted that are ready for K-2nd skills, this is a great resource.

Online community service/volunteer opportunities:
Check out this website to take part and help in research across the globe, looking at trail cam pictures to see what animals are in the photos and transcribing historical documents are just some of the projects 

FreeRice to get your game fix and help people at the same time

Each spring and summer Sync offers 2 free young adult audio book downloads each week.  These are full length books that don't expire.  U  Free for teachers/students to sign up: 

Gifted & Talented Student Resources Table  from Kentucky

Math Madness is having a free spring event:

Follet is offering free registration to access ebooks right now (check expiration of this offer)

Kansas Historical Society has great materials online: 

Sport in Kansas that includes an audio tour 

MindShift weekly email:

Economics education resources:  There are webinars for teachers, but also games and resources for students K-12. 

Carmen Sandiego!  and more!

Pre-planned actual math lessons with the online tools for kids to create conceptual understanding. Desmos for high level math!! Their main page is also a good free tool for kids who left their graphing calculator in their locker during the shut-down.

Khan Academy:  amazing collection of other learning resources including Coding, Art, History, etc.

Disney+ has some great educational programming and some people have written great lessons around that.

Byrdseed TV   
Ian Byrd put together some "FREE" student videos from his Byrdseed TV site that normally requires a subscription.

Ian Byrd website

School House Rock

Parent's Guide to Google Classroom
List of site for families to use while school is closed

12 Art Lessons Your Kiddo will Love  Homeschool Hideout

STEAM Resources for K-12
See the Free Resources

Science Projects & Experiments in the Garage: A Guide for Parents and Students