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Middle School Parents Still Make the Difference (September 2022)

Nurturing Your Gifted Child - Tips for Parents
Wm Gussner

Gift Ideas for Brainy Kids

When Gifted Children Return to School  Barbara Klein/Psychology Today

Available until 11/30/21
Key Words and Code Phrases:  How to Talk So Teachers will Listen  Tracy Elford
Article in NAGC's Parenting for High Potential magazine/newsletter.  Article now available to nagc members only

6 Truths About Gifted Kids Homeschoolnetwork  Caitlyn Fitzpatrick Curley

Gifted 101:  Our Favorite Gifted Parenting Books  Davidson Institute

Tips for a Summer of Play:  Getting Gifted Kids Outdoors Dr. Leigh Ann Fish and Dr. Patti Ensel Bailie

Planning for Summer

A-Home Summer Fun for Creative Kids & Families (June 2020)

A-Home Summer Fun for Creative Kids & Families (July 2020)

A-Home Summer Fun for Creative Kids & Families (August 2020)

Supporting Your Gifted Child During Covid-19

Mining for Gold:  Helping Your Children Discover Their Passion

Resource Support for Families During COVID19  Davidson Institute/

8 Things You Should Know About Final College Plans During the Pandemic  Kynn O'Shaughnessy/

Tips for a Summer of Play  Dr Leigh Ann Fish and Dr. Patti Ensel Bailie/NAGC

12 Tips for Parenting A Child Who Has Intense Emotions  Alicia H. Clark, PsyD/

140 Secrets to Parenting a Gifted Child Catherine Gruener/EncouragmentParentingProgram

2016-12-27 4 New Year's Resolutions for Parents of Gifted Kids  Carol Bainbridge/

Some Do's and Don'ts for Raising Your Gifted Kids  Deborah Ruf/

How to Make Parent-Teacher Conferences Worthwhile and Productive Arlene DeVries/Davidson Institute

Starting the School Year on a Positive Note:  Five Key Suggestions for Parents

2019-07-25  Turning Teaching Theory into Practice #4 - Encouraging Higher Level Questions by Your Gifted Child  Todd Stanley/NAGC blog

100 Words of Wisdom  Various/

2019-07-21  Turning Teaching Theory into Practice #3 - Teaching the Skill of Notetaking to Gifted Students   Todd Stanley/NAGC blog

Communicating Effectively with your Gifted Child's School JG SMutney/Davidson Institute

2018-05   4 Ways Parents Can Engage Gifted Students During Summer Vacation    Michelle Baumgartner/

A Middle School Survival Guide For the Parents of Gifted Children  Dr. Tali Shenfiled/Advanced Psychology

48 Essential Links for the Parents of Gifted   Open Education Database

2018-12-08  My Son is a a 'Gifted Child.' Here's Why Raising Him is Anything Bust Easy.   Kim Hildebrand,

2018-08 Your Child Has Been Identified as Gifted..Now What?    Blue Valley Parent Advocates for Gifted Education flier

2018-08-15 Summary Poll Attitudes Toward Gifted Education  Institute for Educational Advancement

2018-07 Welcome to Gifted Parenting:  A Checklist of Emotions

2018-07 Where Can I Find a Friend?  How Asynchronous Development Affects Relationships

2018-04-30 Are Gifted People More Intense?

2014-01-05 A Gifted Child Speaks Out:  7 Things He Wants You to Know

2013-11-25 8 Things the World Must Understand About Gifted Children

Bright Child vs. Gifted Child  Janet Szabos

Doing Poorly on Purpose:  Making School Matter for Gifted Kids   ProQuest and Parenting for High Potential

Four Incredible Joys of Parenting Gifted Children  Not So Formulaic

The Gift of Giftedness   Raising Lifelong Learners

How to Raise Gifted Children  parenting

The Joys and Challenges in Raising a Gifted Child  Davidson Institute

Parenting Book Recommendations from Hoagies' Gifted Page

Parenting Gifted Children:  The Best Thing You Can Do   Psychology Today

Some Do's and Don'ts for Raising Your Gifted Kids     SENG

Ten Tips for Parents of Gifted Children  Hoagies' Gifted Page

Tips for Parents of Gifted Children:  What Most Parents Wish They Had Known  Gifted Challenge

Tips for Parents:  Positive Discipline for Gifted Children   Davidson Institute

Why Parenting a Gifted Child Is Lonely

Parents Still Make A Difference - May 2022 issue